meet your experience liaison

Dominic E.

what is an experience liaison?

your experience liaison lives on site and is responsible for the community, events, activities, and your overall experience at university lofts. they also handle any paperwork, application, leases, or anything else related to university lofts. they are the catalyst to your ultimate experience in downtown jonesboro.

who are you?

"i recently graduated college with a degree in marketing and management.i love to travel, stay active, or just spend a night out with friends."

downtime. whatcha doin?

"more than likely, i am going out with friends. also, the occasional night-in netflix binge is always a win."

favorite hobby?

"i love to travel. my last trip was to guatemala. i saw some ruins, hiked a volcano, and roasted marshmallows over lava. it was lit. i plan on traveling to iceland and greece in the next 6 months."

spirit animal?


got a random fact?

"i am colorblind. so i usually have to facetime friends to make sure my outfits match."

why be an experience liaison?

"i love working with people. also, i am a full believer that we should all lives our lives to the fullest. my job is essentially a mix of those two things."


university lofts

215 union street

jonesboro, ar 72401


office hours


mon-fri: 8:00AM - 5:00PM

sat-sun: closed

call or text: (870)-586-6133   


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